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Please help me.  My mother has suspected my father of cheating on her.  My mother is almost 70 years old and this is killing her.  He has cheated on her before and she will not leave him unless I get her proof.  

I plan on hiring a private investigator to follow my father. What do I need to and how much would it cost.  


Sorry to hear about your parents having difficulty.  We offer a standard package of 20 hours @ $50 per hour.  The effort would be conducted in several 3-4 hour sessions over several days, to provide broad coverage of his activity.  You would need to send us his details such as full name, birth date, description and/or photograph, address, employment information if any, vehicle description, and an idea about his scheduled activities or normal travel habits outside the home.

If you are interested, visit our website and send us a direct email.

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