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I am one of many permanent security team volunteers at my church.  Our whole team is made up of volunteers, except for the coordinator who is a paid employee.  When I asked the type of questions I'm about to ask you, I got a blank stare and a cry for help.  We are a rather large church with many youth programs and outreaches that go on throughout a week.  Therefore, we get alot of gang members and others that usually don't wan't to be there and tend to break in to cars and loiter etc. I am trying to add some rhyme and reason to our group in so far as getting some sort of policy and procedure in place.  The only thing most of us know is to "Contact the County Sheriff if things get out of hand"  Well, to me this thinking is a little shallow.  Could you point me in the right direction to formulate some sort of policy/procedure manual for the team that would define:

For Example:
Should the team carry handcuffs or pepper spray?   Is there a use of force policy for private security?  Can we legally detain trespassers that refuse to leave the property?

As you can see, we are starting from scratch.  We currently all have radios to coordinate with eachother.  Are there any scenario/action articles that you know of.  Any help would be appreciated to get us on the right track.


Brian Long

Hi Brian,

You are certainly on the right track to develop some clearly defined policies and procedures.  There are a few books at that might help in developing a consistent approach, but any program needs to be supported by training - you shouldn't attempt to carry resources without being appropriately trained.

You might also like to do a search at to look for articles that may be relevant.

Very best regards,


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