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 This info is strictly for myself. My oldest brother was jailed at 20y/o in San Quentin for 5 yrs. abt.1958-63,w/long probation after,10 yrs,I think. My parents said car theft (also that 2 other men were with him,but didn't serve time b/c they had better lawyers.) In 1958 I was 7 and my abuse was just beginning. I've been in therapy for 13 yrs.and tho I've come to terms with most of it,I have recurring nightmares of 3 men,broken glass,knives and blood-wake up screaming. I question car story, my family is full of incest, violence,alcoholics,etc. My dreams & flashbacks suggest a connection,even tho the violence in them doesn't seem to be directed at me. My memory is fragmented and/or totally missing before 12 y/o. I need to know.
His name is Richard Allen Fields b.1938,at Ozone,Ark.,born at home. My maiden is Nancy Marie Fields,11-4-51,at Visalia,
CA.if you want to check me! Please help,I've tried for long time and gotten nowhere.
  Thankyou,and I will be happy to pay for the information.  Nancy Callison  

I read the story but you really asked no question. You make the statment you need to know but you did not articulate what you need to know. Thus I am assuming you want to know why he went to jail.

Court records are all public, you do not need to pay an investigator for something you can get your self, but something that old may have been long destroyed.

The police reports should also be public.

If you need an investigator you should hire a local one. I am a long way from Ca.

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