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I am a PI working a case.  I can not seem to be able to identify my claimant.  How can I get her driver license photo in Louisiana?

That would probably be a violation of Federal Law, the DPPA. The best way would be to contact Louisiana DMV and ask. All states must comply with the DPPA but each has their own rules and procedures. To the best of my knowledge pictures are not part of the data that can be released.

I do not mean to be rude but this is not a quesiton I would expect from a licensed PI. The Driver Privacy Protection Act has been around for over ten years.

You should also make yourself aware of the GLB if you are accessing ANY personal information about this person.

When I have these situations I call the residence and speak to the claimant: Are you the same Jane Doe that went to ____________ High School?  I am on the reunion committee. Once I know she is there, I go knock on the door and get a look, asking for a person who dies not live there.........oops, wrong address.  

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