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Hello , I am looking for the grave site of a distant relative for Geanoloy research , I have her SSN Death record already ( a website confirmed her birth and death dates when I typed in her name ) Also gave an SSN Number , I want to know where the woman was buried . She died in Sacramento and living relatives comfirm she was buried In sacramento.
How do I find out where she was buried , another website offered a form letter for an SS-5 ? document whats that ?
Cold Calling every funeral home in Sacremento for an eight year old death is a dead end ( an expensive one considering I am in New York City )
Any Ideas

There is no repository of this information. The burial would be chosen by the family and arranged by the funeral home. There is no gov't notification or central repository.

I do not know what an SS-5 is. It may be some type of social security administration form but they do not record burials.

All an investigator would do is just call all the cemetaries. but in this privacy conscious era they may not be real helpful.

If the living relatives confirm she was burried in Sacramento I would think one or two were at the funeral and could tell you. That is where I would start.

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