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When I got my Birth Certificate it stated on it that my mother had another child born alive but now dead.  All the info I have to go on is Cook County Ill.  1955-1958 my mothers full maiden name.  I can't get a death certificate or get anyone to search.  I am almost postive that something is not right.  This child was never mentioned and my own birth and father were kept a secret for many years.  How do I find out what happened to this child?  The hospital I was born in has been closed.  I can't find the doctor who delivered me and filled out the certificate.  Help!!

It may be nearly impossible without having someone physically go to Cook County Birth/Death Records and accomplish a "hand search" of their archives.  The birth/death wouldn't have been placed on any current systems being that old, so it should be on microfiche, or similar method.  Contact Cook County first to see if they will do a search of their archives for a fee and then find someone local to that area that can visit the actual location if necessary.

Best of luck.

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