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Hi, I don't know if this is in your field of expertise or not, but do you know if stores are allowed to use hidden video cameras in public dressing rooms?  I've heard that it's illegal for cameras to be in the actual stalls where people are undressing, but I've also heard that it's legal as long as there is no videotaping and as long as the personnel monitoring the camera are the same gender as the person being observed.  I live in California.  Thanks!

We talked about this among ourselves and feel that it is most likely legal to do so as long as it is not recorded and the person monitoring it is of the same gender.....

If you have any doubts or a specific concern, the best way to know for sure is to contact your local District Attorney's office or an appropriate law enforcement agency.  These type of laws can change so often that it is hard to know for sure so they would be your best chance to have more current details about this issue.

Good luck.

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