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Do you have a favorite internet "people check" service?  Im hesitant to provide the information I have, because I don't want an unethical company to abuse it.  Any guidance would be great.  Thanks.


HI  I apoligize for the late reply , It really depends on the information that you are trying to uncover, 90% of the inforamtion that these business/services track down is public domain knowledge, If you could provide some specifics regarding information I could perhaps be alittle more thorough.
Like any business/service , buyer be ware, be very careful what you give out, ask for other business they have done services for, contact state/province registries and licsening and if they are local schedule some face time, the biggest problem wqith the web is it ability to hide.


Private Investigations and Personal Security

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I would like to volunteer to provide direction in Insurance Investigation, surveillence, CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental design and legal support Investigation.


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