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Do you have a favorite internet "people check" service?  Im hesitant to provide the information I have, because I don't want an unethical company to abuse it.  Any guidance would be great.  Thanks.

I am sorry but I do not uderstand the question. I do not know what "people check" means.

Additionally I do not understand what you mean about providing information you have: What type of information and about whom, or too whom and for what purpose.

ANY informatiom gathered, or disseminated about a person, except for their phone number from the white pages, is STRICTLY governed by Federal Law, several in fact.

I have accounts with a lot of companies and access them via the internet but there are no, legal, internet sites to check out people. Those with whom I maintain accounts are for licsned professional only, require proof and audit us from time to time to make sure we access information only for the puposes allowed by law.

ALL of those who offer to do this for a credit card are violating the FCRA, DPPA and the Graham Leach Bliely Act.

Unless you are a licensed investigator or insurance adjuster I would stay a long way from this.

It could be considered an invasion of privacy or an "intrusion upon seclusion" if you are looking for information  about other people.  

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