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I work for a large telecommunications company.  They have signs posted all over the building that employees are continually monitored/surveilled by audio, video, telephone and computer.  In other words -- we, as employees, have no expectation of privacy within the parameters of the company "campus".  My question is this:  does the same hold true for the employees?  What are my rights as to being allowed to tape record conversations with other employees/supervisors?  Is it within my rights to tape record private meetings with my supervisor, HR, the management team, etc? I ask this because they say things in these private meetings with me that are against our Code of Ethics and quite possibly illegal, and then deny having said them later.  My employer is retaliating against me for a whistleblowing incident, so I am in fear for my job and am trying to protect myself. I would like to be able to capture some of this on audio tape. I live in Connecticut.  Could you advise?  Thanks.

You would not have the same rights to monitor anyone at work and we suggest you don't record anything without the person(s) approval!  You will have to work on exploring those issues in some other fashion. One thing to consider is there is no expectation of privacy concerning what people throw away in the trash..... :)

Good luck.

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