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Hi, This is not a follow up, but a fresh question.

I am writing a part in my story in which a girl reports to the detective that she came home to find her mother stabbed. But the detective thinks the girl did it. I wanted to know what physical evidence or something would prove it?

Also, someone in order to throw a private investigator off the trail, fakes their own death. But the person slips up and the investigator knows they are really alive. How?

Thanks. I would appreciate any information.

1.  If her fingerprints were on the weapon...
2.  If there are shoe prints with blood markings that contradict her story of what she did after "coming home".
3.  Generally if her story or 911 call doesn't add up to having just come home and discovered the body.
4.  A neighbor could have seen her come home much earlier.
5.  There was a history of violence between her and her mother.
6.  There is a new insurance policy for a lot of money with the daughter being the beneficiary.
7.  The mother's Will was recently changed, providing the daughter as the Conservator.

A person could fake their own death but in getting a new identity, have something that ties them to their old name such as a very similar birth date, rare medical condition, but more often, someone knows the truth and tells someone else....

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