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Some friends overseas have asked me to check on a certain man here who has suggested some business to them.  I've been told that this chap has some judgments against him from a few years ago.  My general recommendation to my friends will be not to deal with the man, but I would very much like to have specifics for them.

I know his full name and birthdate, and the names of the companies he ran in the past.  I have a general idea of what states these old judgments are supposed to be in.  Such records would be public information, but the problem is finding it!  I suspect these judgments were too many years ago to be online (I tried the website with no luck).

Is there some systematic way I can run this down, find out if these judgments actually exist, how much they are for, in whose favor these judgments are, etc. ?

Here are the best steps in order:

1.  With respect to the companies this guy has operated in the past, check with the following in each State (The Secretary of State's Office and the State Attorney General's Office) to see if there are any known actions.  Each office would have some records that may be valuable to you and could produce liens/judgements filed at the State level.

2.  This is the harder part....  You will need to contact each County Civil Court where he operated and conduct seperate inquiries for law suits, judgements, etc., not only under his name but the company names as well.  Some offer searches online while others need for you to submit a request in writing and pay a small fee.

3.  If all this fails, contact us!

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