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Recently, my sister-in-law received a call from someone stating that they were from the "Fraud Department". No company name was mentioned. He asked for her sister by name and wanted to verify their home street address. My sister-n-law stated that she would not give that info out. The man gave his number for her to call back and he also asked for another person that doesn't even live there. She called me and I called the number directly myself. The recording stated that I reached the Fraud Dept. and to enter the ext.#. I spoke with a man who was very unprofessional and when I asked what company he worked for, he stated he was contracted for a number of companies. We exchanged a few unpleasant words and he asked who I was. I told him "Don't worry about it" He said he would trace my number. He was not successful. I believe this is a scam and I'm not sure where to call to report this incident. Do you have any 800 #'s or any websites to provide ?

Yes you should absolutely report it to a law enforcement agency.  If all you have is an 800# on this guy, try searching through several of the online "reverse telephone directories" and also call 800 555-1212 and see if they can help.  Otherwise you could report it to the local agency where your sister lives and ask them to pursue it.  You can also conduct a broad Internet search through the major engines, google, etc., using the full number like this (800) XXX-XXXX as it may be posted on a website somewhere.

There are occasions where bill collectors use this type of "pretext" but more often it might be someone that is trying to gain money fraudulently by some other means.

Best of luck!

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