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What kind of background and/or experience does a person have to have to find employment with a company like yours? I have been in the security industry for over 8 years and have some police training. I would love to help find missing children and/or loved ones.   It really peeks my interest. Please let me know if I am qualified enough and if there is an office in the Modesto or Sacramento area.

Thank you;
   Roseanna Anderson


Thank you for your interest in Project Bluelight.

Some of our best operatives are persons with a background much like yours.

We would need a detailed resume with verifiable personal and professional references, preferably communicating via email.

We don't have public offices in the physical sense.

Please check our website at
for any further questions you might have. Our organization is more that of a private intelligence network than the standard childseek type organizations. Look the website over carefully, then submit your resume.

We're always looking for a few good people.

Case Officer,
Project Bluelight

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We are a private security agency specializing in missing children and the elderly regarding cult involvements. We also participate in the missing children network, DOE Network, and Coldcases - for missing persons.


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