Private Investigations and Personal Security/"Hi i am doing a Senior paper...


"Hi i am doing a Senior paper on detectives and police and i really couldn't find anyone to interview so they gave me this web site.. I just wanted to know.

How did you like your job?
What things did you not like about your job?
Can you give me a description on your job?
Was there many advancement options?
Would you recommend your job?
How long did it take you to get to your position?
Does your job have a friendly atmosphere?
What type of hours did you work?
Are employees treated well?
If you had the choice to go into a different career field would you?



First of all, here are two good resources to help you:

1.  A Federal job description on Private Investigations
2.  You can download a free copy of our Private Eye Handbook which explains a lot about what we do:

Here are our answers:

a. Like it a lot

b. Long hours, little time for vacations, etc.

c. Up very early and as you can tell, up late...  A lot of phone calls, coordination with other P.I. firms, case management and investigative work.

d. Have owned my own business for a long time so there are really no advancement opportunities for myself.  Usually there are good opportunities for someone starting into this career.

e.  N/A

f. 5am -12 midnight, 6 or 7 days a week.

g. Yep

h.  There really is no other career choice for me but if I absolutely had to, probably someting in Homeland Security...

Good luck!

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