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11 years ago my wife had an affair with my brother and ran away with him and
took my 8 month old Baby boy. For 3 years they disappeared and exhausted my
attorney's time in trying to serve her with divorce papers. My attorney
eventually got tired and dropped my case. I never got her to sign the divorce
papers, but she served me months after I sent her mine with a set of her own
from California.
Back then I didn't even think of bringing up charges of abduction maybe cause I
didn't know I could do that or because of my brother. So, I signed on the dotted
line for our divorce to be finalized and soon after they got married. Our
divorce papers said nothing about child support mostly cause my brother had
decided to raise my son as his own never thinking of the future consequences
since my son carried my exact name with the jr. at the end.

My son grew up thinking I was his Uncle Luis and that's all he knew till about
the age of 10 when He finally asked the question they were both fearing.  Why am
I named like my Uncle..? At which point my brother had no choice but to tell him
some of the truth. Needless to say my ex now his wife was mad...but there was no
way of not telling him my son... So, I finally met my son as father and son, he
was 10 years old and they know lived in Dallas, Tx.

My brother was a kind man and I forgave him after 3 years on the run and with my
Mom's health failing I had no choice but to tell my Mom to let him know that he
could come to her house to visit. I made the peace with him shortly before his
death and brutal murder in Dallas. He was somehow car jacked taken to a park and
brutally massacred. He was found with all his belongings.. Wallet, watch..etc.
His truck was a beautiful 3 tone custom Chevy with expensive wheels and stereo
system.. Nothing was stolen except for his 2 phones which were never found.
Dallas homicide lead investigator Ned? Could not find any leads except for some
finger prints that were never matched. It has now been 4 years since his murder
and no one has been brought to justice.
1 week after his funeral his widow and my ex...which is the same woman.. She had
given everything away that belong to him.. Pictures of him, she threw
away...garaged equipment was given away to her brothers and uncles..She gave us
nothing. Not, even a picture for remembrance. She collected on his insurance
money which was about 250K. Also, 1 week exactly after his burial she was seen
out with a gang banger..  I guy with tattoos on his neck and arms. Un-knowing to
the police or lead investigator she had done the same thing again.. this time to
my brother and with a very bad suspect. She had indeed worked him out good. She
had another affair that cost my brother his life and our family terrible pain
and agony for to this day there has been no arrests of that murder.

She never asked for Child support because of my brother, but now with him gone
and that man still in her life telling her how to go about getting more money
she is coming after me after 14 years of no child support action in her part.
With the money she got from my brother she bought a 5 bed room home and that man
doesn't even work. She's being told how to go about in getting more money for
his drugs. I have even been told that.. She had given one of her niece her green
card so she could cross over into the USA and work under her social..That same
niece was the one with my brother the night he got murdered. He was asked if he
could take her to her home that night and after dropping her off never came
home. That same Niece was deported by my ex- when she threaten to tell what she
knew of that night. She is now in Mexico and that is the only witness to the

How can someone work the system to this length and get away with murder and
commit numerous other crimes..?  She has even gone so far as to get tattooed her
self and I hear also her 6 year old son... My Nephew my brother son...

How can this be..?  I need help !! I need to stop this cold blooded murderer,
and his accomplice my ex-wife..  What can I do?  Is there anyone I can talk
to..?  Someone needs to stop her.. Someone help me please..  

We might be able to offer assistance so visit our website and send us some of the specific details:

We will then evaluate the situation and see what can be done.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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