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Two years ago in the process of moving (my husband and I were divorcing) I lost a box containing some items, including my wedding and engagement rings.  I asked my husband if he had them, he said no.  I filed a claim with my insurance company, a check was issued and cashed.  This happened in July, 2001.  In September, 2001 I was contacted by an insurance investigator saying that my husband called them and said he had one of the rings.  The "case" has supposedly been with the insurance fraud investigator of the local police department for a year (I get all this information 2nd hand from my ex-husband who is a drug agent for the state of PA)Well, now my ex is telling me that there is still an investigation after two years and that I need to go talk to the detective or I'm going to be arrested.  My question is:  Is there some sort of procedure the detective should be following?  I've NEVER received anything in writing or a phone call from the detective himself, it's only ever been through my ex-husband.  I don't trust my ex-husband as far as I can throw him and feel I'm being set-up in some way.  The check I received was for a few thousand dollars and every time this comes up, I am a nervous wreck that they're going to come and arrest me.  Also, wouldn't my insurance company have dropped me if they were pursuing fraud charges?  Not are they only still insuring me, but I got into a car accident last week and they issued me a check for the damages.  It seems very strange and not on the "up and up" to me.

Thank you for your time.


The investigation, if one is ongoing, seems to have taken an unusually long time to get to a stage where they would want to talk with you.  Normally if they have evidence of fraud and there is no belief it may be continuing further, they would have "wrapped" this up within months of his reporting having found the ring....  

It is also odd that he wouldn't have done something to assure the fraud investigator/insurance company that nothing illegal had occurred and both of you should have offered to return the money received for the one ring....

It does sound odd so you need to contact a local criminal defense attorney as they would be the only way to approach this issue carefully and to understand the options that are available.

Best of luck!

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