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Hello. I am a 14 yr old. I am very interested in the whole Criminologist area. I would love to be like the people of CSI. Is that a Private Investigator. How much would I make? What would I be dealing with? What types of schooling would I have to take in highschool? Whats the best school to go to for a degree in Forensic Science/Criminology? Thanks for your time.

No we as Private Investigators don't often have to work in any field associated with Criminal Forensics.  Most of the typical "CSI" units are attached to large local and state police departments, and all federal law enforcement agencies.  There are many colleges that offer forensic science as a major so check with some that are near you or one's you would be interested in going to.  The main thing would be to concentrate on getting good grades throughout High School and certainly in college.  Keep your criminal record very clean.  Then apply to the large police departments and agencies such as the FBI, DEA, ATF and so forth.  Good luck!

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