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QUESTION: Hi again Kevin,

Sorry to bother you again, but as a newbie I would like to get off to a good start & avoid getting burned in becoming a P.I. I think after getting started, learning from books, and O.J.T. through a local agency(s), I can pose less frequent questions for you experts thereafter.
I have decided it best in my state,(TN.), to apply for a company license. That way I could sub-contract through other agencys as well as lining up my own work,(hopefully after some possibly non-paid sub-contracting experience), avoiding being trapped into one sponsoring agency as a non-company P.I. & the apprentice thing, which I've learned can be a great experience or one might become a "gopher", with sub-standard learning opportunities.
I located "International Counterintelligence Services Inc." during a web search. The site is very well laid out. After giving $89.00 to I.P.I.U., then finding many I.P.I.U. complaints on the "Rip Off Report", I did a "Dogpile Search" for terms such as, "beware, scam, complaints, poor, and reviews" including the name International Counterintelligence Services, Inc.(ICS).
I found only 2 complaints on one site and 0 complaints on the "rip Off Report" regarding ICS. One complaint mentioned one could view several complaints on ICS with the BBB. I searched the terms "Better Business Bureau, International Counterintelligence Services" but got nothing good or negative. I have found 2 local agencys stating they'd have some work I could do once I'm licensed, but I'm also curious if ICS is a good company. At least they appear to be.

Would you have any knowledge from your own or other's experience concerning ICS?

I thank you again very much.


Mike E.

ANSWER: I have never heard of them.  

If you apply for a company license on your own I trust you have some agency experience if you don't you had better have a bankruptcy trustee on stand by.

Many try getting into this business and just starting up with no experience or never working for an agency retired police are famous for this.    I had over 6 years working with an agency then I did three with a law firm.  Not to mention the courses I took.  

The best PI firms are those that have the same employees working for them for years and years.  This way you know there is no high turn over and its a good place to be.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks again for your reply Kevin.
Starting my own agency was actually advice I received from two local investigators. I see your point though. The bankruptcy would probably occur through law suits from lack of experience.
I suppose my best option for breaking into the field would now be to get a regular P.I. license and work under a licensed agency. Would this allow me to take work from various agencys and if not, would it be hurting myself to sign a contract with just one agency,like an internship, or should I sign any contract at all to be tenured to a single agency?
Also, referring to something you pointed out, what would be the best & quickest way to see how long investigators have remained with an agency?

Thank you very much again.


Mike E.

Try and find the local PI Association in your State.  The main one.  In Ontario where I live its the cpio.  Call the owner of that association and ask him about this agency, get him to give you the names of some more reputable agencies the main players in your state or province.  I don't know this company or the owner so I can't comment.

What would happen if you started on your own and realised you hated surveillance.  The hours, the weekends, the holidays?   Yes you could hire people but that takes money.

Find a reputable agency through the association.  Contact the agency owner via a letter and resume personally delivered.  Tell the owner of that agency your prepared to work part-time for no pay.  Keep another part-time job so you have money come in.  Take courses where you can suggested by the owner of the agency.  

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