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I am a real estate investor and very often need to locate a current address and telephone number for a property owner.  Oftentimes, I find that their telephone number is unpublished.  I wonder if you could tell me amongst the many services that are on the internet, which do you feel is the best one for a private consumer to use that would be comparable to what a private investigator has access to?  Also, could you offer any insider tips as to clever ways to locate someone's current address and telephone number?  Thank you very much for sharing your expertise.

Here is a good service:

Now in most cases property owner's will keep updated records at the county tax office so don't forget about reviewing what they have on file.  Phone numbers are often displayed with a good mailing address even if the owner is out-of-state because they don't want to lose the property for not paying the land taxes.....

Good luck.

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