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This question may or may not be out of your expertise, but I'll ask anyway. I, along with many other people, am curious to know whatever happened to a group of dancers who appeared on a television program entitled "Where The Action Is." It was a somewhat popular show from 1965-67.

I have researched the Internet and libraries for any
information regarding these 'Action Kid' dancers as they were called.
Since you are involved with investigations how would someone find information about whatever happened to these dancers. I believe that many have gone on to other careers outside of entertainment.

I am especially interested in knowing whatever happened to Jeri Lyn.
She was one of the eight dancers.
Can you offer any advice as to how someone could determine whatever became of these people/dancers? Do you know how to find past entertainers that are no longer in the entertainment business or an organization that may be able to locate such people?

I thank you for your help or any information you may send to me.

ANSWER: Hi Kenneth-

I need to know the purpose of your inquiry.

That is just a standard requirement when a private investigator is asked to assist in locating someone, specifically anyone in the entertainment business.

Let me know and I'll be glad to help.


Nic Smith

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Mr. Smith:

I first want to thank you for your reply. I will be grateful for whatever assistance you may provide.

My purpose is a simple one. I, and many others, am just curious to know whatever become of Jeri Lyn and some of the other "Action Kid" dancers. What is she doing now and what has she been doing since the end of the show.
I have no other specific reason. It seems that she and the other dancers have just disappeared!

I have contacted other people regarding my question/curiosity, and they too do not know what became of Jeri Lyn and the other dances, but they would like to know as well.

I hope that my reply is a good reason or purpose. If you have any additional questions regarding my request let me know.  

I thank you once again for your reply help and assistance to my request.

I think this person is probably the one you are
looking for:

Jerilyn H. Stapleton
6810 Cahuenga Park Trl
Los Angeles, CA 90068
(No Listed phone number)
She was born in November 1939, which would make her
68, slightly over the age you guessed for her. Also,
her social security account number was issued in 1955
which would make her 16 at the time it was issued. It
was very unusual for kids to have a social security
number issued at such a young age, unless they were
working. I suppose that if she were already dancing,
she would have needed the ssan.

That should do it for her.


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