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I am sorry. I thought since you had experience with missing persons, the question was right up your alley.

I just wondered how a person who is hiding on purpose might slip up and be caught.

Anyway, I finished the book, but needed a little more. Thanks for your assistance.

They can slip up a variety of ways...

Using their credit

Applying for a job and using some of their "real" information, birthdate, social, etc.

Being seen by someone that knows who they really are.

We had one case where the subject left the U.S. and went to Belize.  The subject's wife needed to have a signature from him for the sale of a multi-million dollar home and was able, through the subject's attorney, to get the documents forwarded to him.  When the documents came back, they had a notary seal from Belize and we were able to find him there.

Take care.

Private Investigations and Personal Security

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