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I've got a weird one...
In a nutshell - my husband's best friend is psychotic. Literally.
We do not get along. Never have. Never will.
I am happily married. One beautiful child.
A few months ago, "JOHN" started flirting real heavily with me whenever we were both online at the same time. I have always resisted his advances. This has not made him happy.
I have declined the urge to say anything to my husband about this (but after last night's episode, I think I will). But this is not about that...
I recently took a new job working for a race track promoter. The gentleman that I'm working for is older than I am, and a very nice person. When "JOHN" found out, he started harrassing me about it. Started telling people that I was "screwing around" with my new boss. This has been going on for awhile. My husband is aware of it, and he ignores it, as he should.
This morning I found out (through a few friends) that "JOHN" has hired a Private Investigator to "prove" that I'm having an affair with my new boss (says he's gonna "get pictures" and give them to my husband...give me a break!). Like I said, he's crazy...

Anyway...I've absolutely had enough. "JOHN" is a miserable person, and you know what they say..."Misery Loves Company". Ever since I gave him the "brush off" and started working this new job, "JOHN" has been nothing but a jealous, crazy pain in the ass. He constantly screws around behind his wife's back, has an alcohol problem, stays out late, etc. He's trying to make my life miserable as well.

My question is - I think that South Carolina (where I live) has a "Right To Privacy" act that states that anyone who tries to hire a PI for reason's OTHER than there own is liable for invasion of privacy. I don't think any "legitimate" PI would take his stupid case.

Would they?

What can I do about this? Any advice on the subject will be more than welcome...Thank You!

I would certainly check with a good criminal attorney there and see about the privacy law and how it may specifically apply to you.  Also consider taking some form of legal action regarding harrassment or liable, as he is promoting things that are untrue that could greatly affect your life, job, etc.  Don't worry much about a P.I. firm following you if you aren't doing anything.  He is probably just "blowing smoke" to make himself look like he is in control and a "big guy".  Seriously, check with an attorney and see if there are options out there you might consider.  Also have your husband consider finding a new friend......

Good luck.

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