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I am a new security guard in Baltimore County. My company  is
permitted to restrain, use force, write warning tickets, use emergency
lights, and perform standard security duties. We work closely with the
police department. The company does not provide baton training, but
officers are permitted to carry them and use them for self defense.
Would I be able to carry the baton on my belt and use it as a last resort
without getting arrested by the police?

Well let me start by saying that your right to restrain,use force and use emergency lights may be in question . Any person can effect a citizens arrest but the liability of that arrest is on your shoulders and you can be arrested from that arrest and you can be sued in civil court. Before you assume that you can legally do these things you need to check the laws for your individual state to make sure that what your company allows you to do is not just excepted practice in the jurisdiction your company has a job site in or in fact it is the law in your state. Because if its not the law then if the person you arrested hires a good lawyer they will fry you and destroy your life. Believe me you need to know more about the law in regards to your particular line of work then the police officers you deal with and please don't go by word of mouth the information is available to you. I have worked for companies that say your allowed to do this and that but when I checked I was indeed able to do these things but the responsibility for those actions where completely on me. But to answer your initial question in order to carry a baton you need certification and on top of that certification you need to check state laws in regards to carrying a Impact weapon. A Baton is considered an impact weapon. If your referring to a PR 24 or the ASP expandable baton they each have a specific training class and if you complete those courses they will back you up in court. I hope I gave you some valuable advice and if you have any other question feel free to write back.

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