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After requesting such, I received an I.P.I.U.(International Private Investigators Union) packet stating they have "verified 4 national agencies willingness to hire and train myself on an as needed basis for assignments in my local area." Requirements are an F.B.I. monitored photo I.D., completion of a Criminal Warrants Registration Application, 18 yrs. of age, and high school English and Math.
I'm asked to mail my "Criminal Warrants Registration Application" to "Agent Records" I.P.I.U. Unit-International Dept.--P.O. Box 2760--U.S.A.--59911--2760. They also ask if I care to join their union, providing job openings, newsletter for P.I.s, etc. for 5 bucks/mo., which doesn't sound too bad.
I also hold a Master's of Science in Oriental Medicine and could do P.I. work part time.
Ny question is-Have you ever heard of this IPIU organization, and would they be as good a vehicle as any to break into the P.I. field?
Than you greatly!


Michael D. Eidson, LAc.


I would suggest you contact the local BBB where this organization is located, and ask if they have any comments.

It is our policy to perform this check with any organization where we might do business.

A more thorough check is necessary if indicated.

We have no personal or professional comments about this organization.

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