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Are there any good PI schools that I could take online?  Also, what type of qualifications are involved to becoming a PI?  Thank youu

I am sorry I am unable to give additional specific advise for becoming a PI. The number of emails I receive requesting same is just too large for the hours in the day. If you have not already read all the FAQs at ION's home page, I am told they are quite helpful.
I can offer you an opportunity to take a twenty-five question "Private Investigation Benchmarking Test" without any charge. The testing process is being Beta tested and your taking it will give us an idea of how people who are not already in business as private investigators score. The test only takes five minutes or so to take and is not meant to allow time for looking things up. The answers should come out of your head. If you take too long answering the questions, it could time out and you could be blocked from getting back in. If you go out and back in, you could also be blocked. If you use AOL, you might have to cut and paste the link into the Internet address space in your browser.
Do not feel bad if you score below 70 as many practicing private investigators also miss several of the questions. You may save the answer sheet and print it out as a study guide for the items you miss.
When you have five minutes to spare, click on the link below and take the test. When you finish, let me know what you think of it and if it was helpful .
Thank you and good luck
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I will answer questons about using PIs and about the business of being a private investigator more specifically than questions about the way to investigate. Investigative field work has too many variables for general answers.


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