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I have (mostly) completed my book and I thank you for your replies. The thing is that the book  is 50,000 words and I'll have to lenghten it somewhat.
So I thought it would help if I could give my Private Investigator character new cases and/or expand on the ones he already has by adding twists and turns.

1) Do you have any suggestions for additional small cases that involve sex or mystery? Something a little odd?

2) The cases the character already has but might be expanded are:

a)He locates woman for man and woman is working as a stripper.
b) He locates car that hit someone's car.

Please answer when you find time and can fully address this. Again, I thank you for your valuable assistance.

Lost child (possible sexual predator involved such as a neighbor, etc., who leaves the area unexpectedly).

Surveillances, such as cheating spouses, are always interesting.....

Hope that helps.

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