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I'm a 36 year old male working for a large high-tech firm and was asked a month ago to briefly train a woman in her 50s.  She was unresponsive to training and I'm now told has had some other workplace issues with not accepting training.  Her manager asked me to send a summary e-mail of job roles after attempting to work with her.  My e-mail factually described her job role and did not accuse her of not doing her job, but she hit the roof when reading it and replied in e-mail that I was backstabbing and judging her.  I forwarded the e-mail to her manager who has involved HR.  A co-worker just told me that when my name came up in a phone conversation, she became hysterical and was crying and used several cuss words and strong language in ranting about me.  He wrote down notes and has sent these to her manager and HR.  Our company is beginning layoffs and it is very likely she will be laid off.  I am certain she will view me as the sole cause of her layoff and she appears to be extremely unstable.  I am very concerned about my safety and the safety of my family.  The one helpful factors is that she works remotely in eastern Washington state - sometimes visiting our office - while I am located in California.  I have talked to my manager and HR will follow up, but can you please provide me with any advice on what steps I need to take to help ensure my own safety and the safety of my family.  Thank you.  

This is really outside my area of expertise. I am a professional investigator.

In reading your e-mail, I see nothing to indicate any sort of threat toward you or your family. You describe an emotionally upset subject. That does not mean she would do you any harm.

You could consider investigating her background to see if she has ever been arrested or sued over something like this. You could notify your local police Dept and that where you work.

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