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I am just wondering how someone would go about begginning the process of investigating someone? My situation is pretty complicated, and I am not real familiar with what exactly investigators can investigate, but here's a little background info on the situation: A friend and I fell victim to a felony sexual assault. I ran to a police officer for help following the incident, and he refused to help. The paramedics were there and got more deputies to on the scene, where I was told by one of the deputies that the original officer had been drinking. I contacted internal affairs to do an investigation, with any response from them. I also got the assailant to give me his name, which I reported to the police, and they refused to investigate that. I did go through their jail records and found this guy had been arrested for previous rape charges.I would like to learn more about this guy and the original police officer who was allegedly intoxicated. What I am wondering is how can I get more information about these people? Is that something a PI can do?  
Thanks a lot!

Regarding the assailant it appears you already have some idea the person has a criminal history so that is not really an issue...  Now regarding the lack of police interest in your assault complaint, should contact the State's Attorney General's Office, local District Attorney, and the F.B.I. to see if they will help.  Contactd the local DA's office first....

This may be an issue best explored by another responsible government agency, not necessarily a P.I. firm.  Try those first and see where it goes.

Good luck.

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