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I'm a muscular 6' 235lb guy, who's drifted between various martial arts for over 15 years, and I kind of developed my own survival style that works for me. A lot of it involves hard, fast strikes to break bones and debilitate quickly, having witnessed to many adrenaline junkies ignore the "pain control" I was shown.
Now I have the control to hit the targets when sparring with out damaging my opponent. (Breaking your friend's knees and collarbones make for strained relations, and lots of expense buying them beer)
My question is how can I train at full strength/power? I don't foresee doing it often but I want to be practiced or at least know what I can do  should I have to fight for my life. If I don't have the knowledge of something, its hard  to have full understanding and control.  

Well if bag work doesn't do it for you then about all I can suggest is go to a meat processing plant, buy half a pig or cow carcass and proceed to tenderize it before they turn it into nice neat little packages of stew meat for your.

Having said that you're right about adrenline junkies ignoring pain... but have you ever seen one ignore gravity? I haven't.

You might want to look into Bob Orlando's Fighting Footwork of Kuntao/silat.  You can hit someone six times or you can put a foot in a sneaky spot and then hit him once and he breaks his leg as he falls over yours.

It ain't how hard or fast you's how fast you take away his ability to attack you. Trying to beat him down is the most slow and ineffective way to do it.

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