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Hi Marc, my name is brittany and I'm doing a project in my college course about security and how it has changed, or if it has really changed since sept. 11th. I read your profile and I thought you might have some opinions about it. If you don't, then that's okay, and I can ask elsewhere. My questions are:
1. Do those in the profesion of security benefit from terroist attacks and other things that jeopordize people's security?
2. Do you feel americans appreciate what those in the line of security do for them or teach them?
3. Any other thoughts or comments you have about security, the importance of it especially after sept. 11th, or things you've seen that prove the importance of security in our lives.
If you could just take a few min. to answer these questions and any other comments you have would be perfect! I need this information by thursday, but if you don't have the time, that is totally fine. Thank you so much for your time, and good luck with everything!

Hello Brittany,

I am sorry in the lateness of my reply, but I wish to answer your questions.

1. Do those in the profesion of security benefit from terroist attacks and other things that jeopordize people's security?
  I believe that there have always been a need for security professionals to ensure the safety of people and property. Crime has always existed. Terrorist attacks raise awareness of security, although I doubt professionals in Security benefit from them. We are already professionals in the industry. I am sure some less than honorable people have taken advantage of terrorist attacks to make money, but I doubt they are professionals in the industry. Most security professionals are the front line. We are the eyes and ears of law enforcement, Fire officials, and EMTs. The motto of the private security professional is "Observe and Report".

2. Do you feel americans appreciate what those in the line of security do for them or teach them?
  I will share a statement issued by my Professional Protection Services Organization that answers your question:

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year we are everywhere.

When you get up in the morning we've been watching your Condo property all night. Were in your parking garage when you leave and protect your belongings all day.

Were at the office when you arrive and there well after you leave. Youíll see us in the malls but wonít see us in stores keeping losses down and in return, prices down.

You may not see us delivering money to your banks but will see us ensuring your safety while you go about your banking and gambling.

When you stop off at an ATM on the way to a nightclub you may not realize it was us that put the money into it. At the club it is us at the door screening everyone for weapons to make your night safer. When a fight breaks out on the dance floor and your busy running away that blur in the corner of your eye is us running into to fight restore order, most times at great risk to ourselves.

You probably donít even notice us at the museum while taking everything in. We protect your kids while attending Universities and keeping your child safe in their primary and high schools. Even a trip to the hospital isnít complete without some of us looking over the safety and security of staff, patients and visitors.

Everyday we ensure public safety in the nationís jails, courts and the transportation in between.

We are Male, Female and come from every nation on earth. We are underpaid, under trained, under appreciated, and overworked. Often times we are working with others with no skills, no common sense and hired merely to fill a spot because some companies donít care. Sometimes a 12 hour shift can be spent trying to stay awake and at other times spent trying to stay alive.

Very few like us, understand us and almost no one respects us. We work long hours, weekends and holidays very often for nothing but abuse in return.

They say before you judge another you should walk a mile in their shoes. My mile includes some of the worst neighborhoods and places in the city and some of the worst places in society. I do this to ensure that your walk along that same mile is safer.

My working hours can include drugs, prostitutes, violence and communicable diseases sometimes for as little as $8.00 an hour, no benefits and no way to protect myself.

Itís remarkable by societyís standards if anyone judges a group of people by the way they are dressed or the actions of one person in a group itís wrong and there are laws against it. Yet we are judged negatively by almost everyone we come across simply because of our job and the way we are dressed. Stereotyping is alive and well in our world.

Why do we do this? I donít know maybe itís as simple as we were born with the urge to protect and serve. Maybe we are trying to pay our way through school. Are we all a bunch of disillusioned individuals thinking we can do good for those who donít care about us? I donít know.

One thing I do know is that sometimes the only thing between you and the bad guy is ... us.

3. Any other thoughts or comments you have about security, the importance of it especially after sept. 11th, or things you've seen that prove the importance of security in our lives.
 September 11th brought everyones' attention to security, but we were there before that, preventing thousands of crimes against people and property every day. Sometimes it is quality of life issues, like keeping panhandlers from begging in front of an office building. Other times I have worked armed executive protection, when I might have to shoot or be shot protecting someone or thier family. I have worked a nighclub where we had to pepper spray a crowd to prevent a riot outside. Recently I had to direct a panhandler to a mission to stop him from harrassing parishioners at a local Cathedral during services. I have sat at construction sites overnight in freezing temperatures to prevent thieves from making off with copper piping. In one instance I had to stand outside a battered wive's house in a tactical uniform complete with ASP(baton), pepper spray, Taser, and .45 caliber Glock firearm to protect her from an abusive ex. I have worked a Mall and prevented gang fights in the parking lot. I have seen alot of bad people with bad intentions and prevented bad things from happening. I believe security is a very important aspect in our lives. Security is a needed proactive response to crime and property damage. Law Enforcement is a reactive response, they do not respond until after a crime has been committed. One of my mottos is "Maintain a highly visible presence to deter crime". Your car is less likely to get broken into if a uniformed security officer is patrolling a parking garage. It will be unlikely that you'd find an intruder in your office or dorm if a security officer was stationed near the entrance. At Christmas shopping time, you are unlikely to be robbed on your way to your vehicle if a security officer is escorting you. Criminals look for easy targets and a uniformed security officer provides a visible deterrent.

I hope this information helps answer your questions even if it is late in coming. Thank you and have a great day!


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