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It takes alot of time to shred old checks, mail, etc.

I don't believe anyone is going in my trash.  I live in a house.  So my trash go to the dump.

In your opinion, wouldn't it be enough to wrap securly (putting it in several bags)important info and put it in the garbage, without shredding it?

Thanks in advance.

Bottomline with the extent that ID theives are willing to go...shredding is still your best answer.

Dumpster diving is common, so is searching the dump.

What I might suggest is set a box aside for stuff to be shredded -- exclude envelopes and stuff that doesn't have your name (in truth in a five page mailer, you only need to shred one or two pages...the rest can be tossed in the normal trash).

Then when it gets filled up sit there and feed the shredder while watching TV.

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