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I have an easy question for you....
A lady I worked with, and her husband, were busted by the DEA.  One question remains unanswered, and I wondered if there is high tech equipment that could have been used.

When the DEA broke into their house, they went directly to the location of the contraband.  It was in a place he said he used for the first time, so there could not have been prior knowledge by anyone who may have rolled on them.  The only possible way the DEA could have known the whereabouts (other than a camera being planted there during a mysterious break-in weeks before), would be to have been surveillanced through their closed blinds.  With night vision and x-ray devices available, I suppose anything is possible.  Is there such high tech equipment available that could see through blinds?


Well there is a chance they had court approval to place surveillance cameras inside the home if they had an ongoing major case against them and specific evidence the drugs were being dealt from inside the home.  That would be the normal way to monitor activities as there really aren't any other "high tech" systems they would use on regular investigations.  They could have used night vision equipment or infrared devices as well.  Infrared of course could see through blinds, walls, etc.  It would be doubtful that even if they did accomplish a secret search of the house weeks before, the exact location of the drugs wouldn't be known if they were moved to another spot.  It is our guess they had used some type of monitoring equipment but most likely, normal cameras.

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