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I am writing a mystery novel and have a background question.

In the climax, the killer is near the front of a transit bus and has his victim in a choke hold. The first police officer enters through the front door and says, “First we all need to relax here.” Meanwhile, his partner enters through the back door and contacts the killer in the back of the leg with a taser.

Does the taser make any sound when it is activated?
Does the jolt affect the victim who is firmly attached to him?

Grrrrr... this is the fourth time I've answered this question and All experts ate the first three.

The answers to your question are yes and yes.

Having said that, Taser Corporation is in Phoenix AZ (Chandler I believe). Right now they're having a bit of a PR problem so I'm sure they'd love to help you out with any technical questions that would put them in a good light.

You can contact their PR department and they'll load you down with all kinds of info.

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