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Dear Sean,

My son is 24 years old.  He worked for a major transportation company while in college as a driver. He has been promoted twice and is currently a manager at night of many personnel and drivers.
This am he phoned myself and said that one driver threatened to kill him. He explained that this was the third time in which this has happened. I asked him what the driver specifically said and he replied," I am going to shoot you with a 45 caliber pistol from _____ yards, and I will email you before I do. My son explained that his particular driver was robbed by a tenant of his and shot. Even though injured this man counter attacked his attacker and injured him to the point of being paralyzed from the neck down. He was not charged due to self defense.
I work as a counselor and have been to numerous crisis intervention trainings and this screams out to me.  Due to the fact I am a mother I do not want to over react.  I convinced my son to report to his supervisor and document, document, document and never be in place alone with this man. Can you please advise us with any other steps/measures to take? My son is new at this job and wants to thought of as a problem solver not a man afraid of the people he supervises.  Quite honestly I find this frightening to say the least.
Thank you so very much in advance.



You are wise to be as concerned as you are.  I certainly don't want to scare you but you need to let your son know that he needs to take this situation more seriously.  Even if he isn't concerned about his own safety (which he should be), he should be concerned about the other employees under his supervision.  Iím shocked that any company wouldnít deal with this in a dramatic way because if nothing else they would be incredibly liable should this employee make good on his threats.  Iím curious what his companyís take on this situation is and what theyíve done to intervene.

I am here to tell you that you are most certainly not over reacting!  You were absolutely right in convincing your son to report this incident and document it at work.  Just to be clear, he absolutely needs to make this known to the local law enforcement agency.  There may even be other things going on you donít realize Ė for example, this person may have been sentenced in an unknown criminal case where these actions may violate the terms of that sentence.  I donít think itís unrealistic to be concerned about this situation as far as your son goes.  Any manager in any organization should see your son as a problem solver in that he is preventing a potential lethal situation Ė the worst kind of catastrophe.  I feel that you are right in being so frightened.  

You need to ensure that the local police are aware of this situation even if your son doesnít have a criminal complaint.  Your son should also be very involved with upper managers in resolving this situation peacefully.  As a trained counselor, you might have a better idea of how to intervene in a situation such as this.  Please let me know how this situation unfolds and relay to your son what I stated here.

Good luck to you!

Wishing you good health and happiness,

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