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Have you an opinion you could share on Tim Larkin, who offers video-tape and hands-on training on the use of violence in desperate situations?  He has an organization called tftgroup (for Target Focus Training) with a Web site, from which I gather that he recommends that violence should be avoided if at all possible but if it absolutely can't be you need to know certain principles, which he will teach you.

The Web site seems a little hype-ish, but that is true of so much that is on the Web now (not yours, Marc, yours is very good) and does not necessarily
turn me away completely.  A couple of people whom I do know and respect think well of him and his system.

Well, I personally haven't seen any of his stuff, but a guy I know who spends a lot of time working in different systems likes what he does. But I can speak from personal experience regarding his system.

Having said that, I will give you the same advice I give anyone asking about a system. Everyone has a slice of the pie, but nobody has the full pie. So this means, learn what you can from someone. Learn what works for you and what you can easily do from a system. Don't get involved in the politics, don't believe the BS and lies about how deadly and effective the system is. The proof of that is in what they can teach you to do, not what they can do, or claim to be able to do.  So in short, look into it, if you find useful stuff, take it and make it your own... if not, then move on and don't worry about it.  

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