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I read a book of yours a while back, good stuff. I was thinking of becoming a bouncer part time on the weekends at a local club. I am about 6'2, 325 pounds. I'm not really sure how much they make and what the risks are. Any general advice for me?

Yeah, take a job delivering pizzas...the pay is better and you are insured if you get in an accident. Bouncing is one of those businesses that it really depends on the owner/business. Some look out for their people, some don't, some...well, just don't turn your back on them.

Unfortunately, most bars don't offer insurance incase you are injured on the job. If you don't have another source of insurance (i.e. from another job) then you won't be able to get any as a bouncer. That doesn't sound like much of a problem, until you realize the chances of someone busting a bottle over your head and giving you long term medical problems.

Pay tends to be not that good unless you are in a topless/nudie bar (which is where I did most of my bouncing). Depending on where you are you can expect between $35 to $50 a night.

The real problem is if the place is a college bar or a place where young kids tend to hang out. The reason is these kids tend to be real trouble. They are too young to know any better, but they are too big not to be taken seriously. I helped a friend out at a college bar one night and there were five fights...which is about four too many for any sane place. I also had a friend who was working in a sports bar that the word got out that thursday night was "fight night." Guys were coming in for the sole reason of getting into a punch fest. Six, seven fights a night...that ain't a bar, that's a slaughterhouse.

The real bitch is your co-workers. A good team is a dream. These guys work with you, train you, will back you up and will show you how to talk people out instead of fighting. In doing this, they seriously reduce the chances of you getting hurt.

Unfortunately, most bouncers are the keystone cops. The are not professional at all. They are basically looking for an excuse to fight. Their understanding of use of force laws are pathetic. Which is why most of these guys are left flapping in the wind when someone they bounced comes back and sues them. What the bar owner does is claims the bouncer was out of line and fires him. In doing so, the owner indemifies himself and leaves you exposed.

Bottomline it depends on how good the team and the business that you are looking at working for. If they are good, go for it. If not, don't...the risks just ain't worth it.  

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