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I have browsed your website, and plan to get your book soon.  From everything that I've read it weems that you use alot of principles that I've learned in Wing Chun.  If this is so, do you know where I can get a list of all of the principles of Wing Chun, as well as some good information on what they are, how to apply them, and what they feel like when they are done right.

Also, I have seen your pages about legal troubles in self defense, more specifically what constitutes a "fight". I wanted to say I really appreciate the information.  It was simple, it was clear, and most important (to me at least) it was very logical.  In your experiance is Wing Chun a very street effective Martial Art, and how does it rate for "legal friendly".  

For Wing Chun principles, go to

in the martial arts section arelinks to confederations/forums/rings and lists. I know there is a wing chun one in there. While I can tell you what I learned form Wing Chun, there are a whole lot more people who are better qualified to talk about the core principles than myself.

As for Wing Chun's effeciency...yeah, it served me in good stead many a time in many a hairy situation. Having said that however, remember that I wasn't into self-defense back then I was a streetfighter. Now while that can sound all kinds of macho, let me also remind you that I also was enough of a criminal that I knew how to avoid getting in legal trouble (i.e. getting caught). Which is something most people don't. So be careful about Wing Chun as it can easily cross over into fighting and get you into trouble -- especially the way some people teach it. I say this because they are encouraging fighting, not self-defense.

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