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dear sir,
         I have a 4 and 2 year old girl and boy respectively. i would like to do a background check on someone that is new to the family but is close to the family and may be spending time with my children. is there a way i can have this done that is not too expensive and still effective? thank you , eric in new jersey, usa

Hi Eric,

My suggestion would be to contact a reputable private investigator to assist with you with this. I know that finance is a consideration however criminal and or civil background checks aren't extremely expensive. There are also websites out there HOWEVER I would tread CAUTIOUSLY in that regards.
In many jurisdictions in the U.S. you can actually obtain this type of information yourself by filling out various paperwork at the county court house however I'm not familiar with New Jersey law so I could not advice you on who to directly speak with. Eric I hope this helps and wish you the best. We can never be too complacent when it comes to our children.

Kindest Regards,

Earl Morris

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