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I was reading the answer to the guy who used to work for the district attorney's office about background checks.  He stated that he had been asked to resign from his last job due to misconduct.  You stated that the HR dept doesn't do the background check.  They get a company to do it.  This just made me wonder, who does background checks for government offices such as city or county personnel boards? Don't they have access to all this information? Also, when someone does a background check on you, how far back can they check? If you wanted to do a background check on someone, is any of the software offered on the internet any good?

Yes they would certainly have access to certain state records systems but not necessarily anything outside their specific state/county....  An outside investigative agency may also be able to provide specialized database searching that is broader and more complete.  Also the best background check would also involve actually visiting with people associated with the applicant which takes time and manpower that most offices couldn't spare themselves.

Some of the software offered on the internet can be useful but for the most part, our databases are a seperate issue.  The best one, is here:

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