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 I am 18 years old and I have been to military school for about two years where I learned self defense tactics.  I am interested in becoming a bouncer at a respectable business.  I don't know the business very well and was thinking of getting into it.  How would I pursue getting a job at a business or a compnay that deals with personal security.  I don't know if you have to be 21 or not, but I would like to know the ins and outs of the business

Yeah, most places won't hire you until you are 21 and even then they tend to prefer older, more experienced personnel. Basically, since bouncing is a insurance nightmare, they want to make sure that bouncers won't get them in trouble.

If they do hire you, watch your butt Cochise. I've seen way, way too many places, that tell you these are the rules and then turn a blind eye to a serious cowboy attitude. Thing is, if it goes down and the cops show up such a company will roll over you faster a cheap hooker in a truckstop. They covered their butts and the first thing they do is fire you and claim that you were acting out of policy. Ergo, you get arrested and sued.

What you might want to consider is starting out slow and working at a Security company. You can do thatworking nights while attending college for your POST (Police Officer Standards Training) which will give you a career.


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