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Hi I'm Joram and I just read your profile at all experts and would like to ask you some questions.  I would like to know how long you have been in this career.  I would also like to know how much education you need to have a career in this profession.  How hard is it to have to dig into other peoples business?  Is it hard to do the job?  Do you have to keep the information to your self? Thank you and I hope you write me at, .  

About 18 years as a Private Detective.  There really is no formal education required to become a P.I. as it usually only involves practical on-the-job experience by working for any agency for a time.  The difficulty of "digging into" someone's background or life is usually not that hard as we have database resources and surveillance services that can do a fine job for most assignments.  Now the information we gather is certainly restricted and released only to the client that has hired us.  If you want to know more about this field, here is a good resource:

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Resolved many very important and complicated investigations including kidnapping recovery, finding hidden assets in foreign countries, and assistance in the successful defense of wrongly accused criminal defendants. I maintain a very strong Federal Law Enforcement background with extensive training and education.

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