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I am writing a book and need to give my fictional private investigator more cases. I looked at something on the cases they get and came up with the following. Please add any suggestions or comments.


Small company may hire investigator to

1)   Show that person who claims they are injured is faking.
a)   person claims to have hurt their back,
b)   investigator watches, but sees nothing,
c)   One day guy is playing basketball
d)   Investigator takes picture
e)   What twist might be here?

2)   A high school coach wants to find proof that the star player on the opposing team is using drugs so he can tell the principal and have him off the team.
a)   After a big win, the investigator sees player take drugs in the back seat of a player's car.
b)   The investigator gets evidence,
c)   But the twist is that the other coach has done the same: hired an investigator to find out that his own star player is using drugs.
d)   Investigator reads it in paper about what happened to star player.

Insurance carriers investigate insurance cases, not the employer. I have no idea what twist there could be, since it is a work of fiction it is up to the writers imagination. Perhaps the investigator is watching the twin brother.

2. I have no idea how an investigator wuld see someone doing drugs in a car. No one would do that while being watched. The investigator would see people engange in some activity, he cold not say they were doing drugs only a lab test of a substance can say that. All the investigator could say is they got into a car and smoked something or he saw them put something into thir mouth and take a swallow of coke. He can not say it was drugs as he does not know it was drugs.

No real investigator would take case # 2, it is too speculative and he could offer no "proof" merely observation of what people are doing in public, drinking somthing, smoking something, swallowing something.

I doubt a coach or school could afford to do this. It is quite expensive to do.

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