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dear sir,
         I have a 4 and 2 year old girl and boy respectively. i would like to do a background check on someone that is new to the family but is close to the family and may be spending time with my children. is there a way i can have this done that is not too expensive and still effective? thank you , eric in new jersey, usa


Start by visiting New Jersey's "Megan's Law" website to see if this person is listed on there.  Then spend a small amount of money at to get a profile on this person.  After that it comes down to discreetly asking questions to or about this person and placing the information into the profile puzzle.  What that means is that if s/he tells you that s/he has just moved into the area from out of state, for example, but you can show that s/he is listed as having two prior addresses in the state, then some piece of the profile puzzle does not fit or is inaccurate.  Then perhaps s/he is lying or attempting to hide something.

The legwork is up to you.  Visit your County Courthouse to find all public documents that pertain to the person.  However, no price can be placed on any child's safety.  Even if your search is fruitless follow your instincts (see author Gavin DeBecker's book "The Gift of Fear") if you feel your children might be in harm's way.

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