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We have a problem at our condominium association.  Someone living here has expressed their displeasure with the way things have been going in the form of angry "anonymous" written notes to Board members stating that they should not consider running for office this year.  The local police were notified, although they stated that there was nothing that they could do at this time.
We also have a websire whereby homeowners can communicate and discuss whatever is going on in the community.  It has become obvious that this person is now using the website to vent their views.  [They are not using their name when doing so].  Some of us in the community have expressed our concern for our safety and that of fellow homeowners.  The moderator of the website has replied and stated that they would not be permitted to disclose the person's IP address "unless there was a crime committed or a legal need to do so".  We feel that the time has come for us to request that this be provided to us.  We are thinking that the first step would be then to communicate this information to law enforcement officials.
What ideas might you have for us in going about this?  What answers should we give if resistance is met?  Should an attorney be consulted, or would what we might obtain be sufficient to proceed?  Thank you.


A lot will depend on the laws in your jurisdiction, so consulting an attorney to establish the situation would be a wise step.  I am based in Australia, so our laws are likely to be different, but here it is a federal offence to use the 'telecommunications network' to make a threat or to harass, and this embraces the Internet.  It might not be a high priority for law enforcement, but if you have a similar law, you should be able to except pressure for them to at least identify and talk to the offender. It would not be appropriate to take action yourself.

I hope this helps.

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