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Hello sir, I believe I have been the victim of an international counterfeit money order scheme costing me $3,400. I have reported it to the FBI, the USPS inspector, and others. I tried to file a police report but they said the postal inspector could help me more than they could. The documents were a series of USPS counterfeit money orders. I actually have one of these fakes in my posession, among other pertinent documents. Wire transfer receipts and addresses, etc. I also have previous emails from this individual as well. I do not believe I am the only victim of this scheme and wish to do anything in my power to prosecute this individual to the fullest extent of law. I just wondered if you had any advice or recourse against such fraud as my bank has now charged my account the said money. Any tips on how to find this individual and/or trace our communications to a location would be very helpful. If there is any way to attempt to recover these funds, I would be very grateful. Thank you sir.

If any law enforcement agency is working on this give them a lot of time..  There isn't much more you can do probably yourself so hang in there.  Also, if you haven't done so already contact the law enforcement agency in that person's area and file a complaint.

Good luck.

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