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I am currently writing a paper on women's self defense and the missing components of awareness, avoidance and recognition of oppressive /violent behavior, would you know any stats regarding crimes against females? Such as how many females will be attacked in any fashion during their lives?/ ( i have heard that the #'s are 1 in 3 women will be assaulted or attacked but I cannot find any expert stats). - Further more do you know of any programs that put equal emphasis on the psychological  of awareness/and spot troubles and how to recognize when someone is passively being oppressive and how to tell if it will escalate?....I have found some stats that say that certain things work better than others ; such as physical defenses appear to be successful 55% of the time while non aggressive verbal defense does not appear successful at all for warding off attacks......Any thoughts you have on this subject will be greatly appreciated or if you could kindly direct me to an informative site or association..
Thanks for your time....Oscar

Okay, when it comes to statistics on this subject... think toilet paper. Because most of them have the same end value.

The ONLY reliable information on crime in the United States comes from the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). That and the Uniform Crime Report from the FBI. And those numbers are known -- and agreed on by everyone -- to be low. That's because those sources are based on REPORTED crimes. There are a lot of crimes that are not reported and everyone knows that.

However, that brings us to the crux of the problem. How do you accurately report an unknown?  The answer is you can't. Any number that is not officially reported is a GUESS! It may be an educated guess or it may be a totally wild and off the wall number. But NOBODY knows the actual numbers.

But that doesn't stop people from making up numbers. This especially in light of the fact that the bigger, badder, scarier numbers you provide, the more funding and attention you get. (And don't you believe for one second that this ISN'T a business! Business needs money and money comes from funding).

Keep this in mind because anytime someone pretends to be able to give you an accurate number, there is usually something else going on behind the scenes that should really make you suspect the numbers.

Another issue that is very much a factor is playing with definitions. That is to say I change the definition of a word and don't tell you that when we use the same word, we are not talking about the same thing. You mean "A" when you use the word 'rape,' but I mean "ABCDEF."   And F usually boils down to something as subjective as "He looked at me in a lewd manner." This expanded definition allows me to inflate the numbers to truly terrifying magnitude.

An example of this kind of spindoctoring comes from another field. An anti-gun group did a report on "Gun deaths of children."  The way it was presented strongly implied they were talking about the number of children 'murdered' every year. Pretty scary stuff. The organization claimed that the numbers came from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) which made these staggering numbers pretty unarguable.

Or so it would seem.

First off they weren't just talking about murders or accidental shootings, they included suicides (think teen suicide rates). Second, when others people checked the numbers it was discovered that the group had defined "children" as people up to 23 years old. THIS is how they got such outstandingly high numbers. And yet, if you had taken the provided numbers on face value, then the streets would have been running in blood.

The reason I tell you all of this kind of stuff is anytime you look at violence in any context (e.g. gender or racial) you're getting into a real slippery slope and problem area. One that people are going to fudge the numbers to support their agenda. I address this problem on my Webpage and the unreliable nature of rape statistics from agenda driven groups

This is why you have to worry about comments like "one in three women will be assaulted or attacked."  Most of them are made up in order to promote an agenda.

Now let me give you an example of this. The advocates will scream the the BJS and UCR are low. Then they will tell you that most of such crimes are unreported. Then they will tell you that one in three women will be attacked. HOW IN THE BLUE BLAZES DO THEY KNOW THAT IF THE MAJORITY OF CRIMES ARE UNREPORTED?  As hard provable facts, those numbers are meaningless. At best they are a totally unscientific, unsupportable, wild assed guess. But, agenda driven groups come out with them and state them like they were the TRUTH (tm).

Which brings us to the use of the term "oppressive."  I know among the 'terminally outraged' there is great love for this word, but most women don't feel this way. The simple fact is that term arises from a gender feminist ideology that has been rejected by an overwhelming majority of women in this country. And the reason for this rejection is quite simply the radical feminist agenda does NOT represent how most women view their lives, their relationships and their place in society. It isn't that most women reject radical feminism because they have been brainwashed by the oppressors, it's that as free thinking, independent people, they think it's 'nucking futs.' (If you read Sherry Henri's "The Deep Divide" you'll get a perspective of a feminist, who is trying to save the credibility of feminism by showing where the feminist movement left the concerns and issues of the very people they claim to represent).

Having said all this, Women's Self-Defense is one of the last bastions of radical/gender feminism. They never ever consider the fact that someone may not become violent for political or agenda reasons. To them they always want to bring it back to that, when in fact, usually violence is more often about the individual getting something. No, deep dark agenda, it's pretty much "I want this...".

This takes it out of the realm of politics or gender oppression (of which the individual has no control) and puts it into the realm of "the people involved. This gives them control, because then it becomes: what they do about it.

You want to give women power and control over if they are victimized or not, you not only have to start here, but focus on it. Otherwise you're just giving them a rationalization to use afterwards about how they had not control over whether or not they were attacked. Which is, unfortunately, what most sources on this subject do.

In a field filled with agenda driven nonsense, there are very few people who are willing to look at violence for what it is, rather than what they want it to be. Which is a real pity because if you really want to help people avoid being victimized by violence, then it is rather important to look at the subject objectively, instead of subjectively.

I tell you all of this so if you have any interest in writing an accurate and helpful paper, you'll need to look at the subject from a wider perspective than many of the 'sources' who present themselves as experts on the subject. Start with the BJS and UCR, knowing it is low, take everything else you hear with not just a grain of salt, but an entire salt factory.

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