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(This is not a follow up. It's a new question)
I would like to know the career path or the steps one would take to go from a patrol officer to a homicide department detective.
One character in my book is a homicide detective and I was trying to give him not only a background, but a personality as well.
He  I wanted to give him some sort of outstanding record or outstanding actions taken on his way up the ladder.
Answer -
Most often the patrol officer would have to pass the Sergeant's Exam and after some time, apply for homicide division.  If he peformed some heroic act, like saving a bunch of hostages by himself, the department could promote him to Sgt. then assign him to homicide but that is not a likely scenario.

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Please answer at your convience. I would like to describe him:

1) enter the force as a patrol officer and describe his experiences. (Maybe he can save an officers and/or civilian's life in some manner?)

2) How he becomes a homicide detective

3)Then have him more recently follow police procedure and solve a few homicides. ( A woman has been stabbed to death and he tracks down the killer by some clues the killer left etc,) Just how homicides are solved by police procedure. What clues lead officers to stabbing, choking or shooting victims.

If I can give this background info and tell a few stories, he might seem a more realistic character.

Anything would be appreciated.

Again, thanks.  

1)  You really should start watching some of the cop shows out there to understand basic patrol officer duties.  They are pretty simple.

2) Again, usually by taking the Sgt. Exam and then applying for homicide.  After many years of service and a solid record, the homicide division will select qualified officers when openings arise.

3) Start watching crime scene shows like C.S.I. and learn more about forensic evidence....

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