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I have just met a very nice older gentleman who says he is 67. His mannerisms suggest he is about 5 years older than that. Is there a way I can find out his age? I know his full name and that he was born in MO. I have tried to search MO records and the Mormon records without success.

Can you suggest a way to find his birth date?




You are wise to be careful.  Many people aren't completely honest when they are meeting other people.  Sometimes it is completely innocent - think of all the women out there who shave a few years off their age - but sometimes it can signal a deeper problem with being truthful.

A person's birthdate is considered private information, just like a social security number.  Once a person dies, their dates of birth and death become public.  That's probably why you can't find his birthdate in the sources you checked.

Probably the simplist way to determine his real age would be to get a look at his driver's license.  If that can't be done, you might try to find out where he went to school (high school or college) and then check with that school to find out when he graduated.  Another method would be to find out where he was born.  If you know the month and day of his birth, you might be able to check the birth announcements in the local paper to see if his is there.

Another way to find out would be to use one of the services on the web that offer to get personal information on someone for a fee.  If you try this, you should be sure that they don't require information about him that you don't have (his SSN, for example), before you pay them.  I have not used these services, so I can't recommend one, but they advertise widely, so you can find them by googling something like "find birthdate."

I hope that whatever you find out about him, he turns out to be as nice as you hope he is!

Good luck and stay safe,
  - Lyn  

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