Private Investigations and Personal Security/eavesdropping between spouses


i would like to know how is the american law refers to eavesdropping\secret listening between spouses?
mostly in the espects of ruls.
with great thanks,roni.

In most states and through Federal law, most eavesdropping is illegal.  It would depend on the exact nature of the eavesdropping, where it takes place, what type of device is used, and other issues.  For the most part it shouldn't be done unless it is something like a surveillance camera in a home that is controlled by the person who owns or is the official renter of the property it is monitoring.  It also can't be set up in an area where other's would have a reasonble expectation of privacy such as a bathroom, or another person's bedroom.  This is a very complicated issue that can only be addressed on a case-by-case basis with respect to their specific state laws.

Private Investigations and Personal Security

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